'For Things To Change...First I Must Change'

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What Is The Process Of Being Me?

The Process Of Being Me is not just another self-development program destined to become a distant memory, or something you don't even complete.

This program is the “How To” that you have been looking for.

It is complete breakdown of each key step you need to take in order to create whatever changes in your life you desire most.


Are you ready to unlock what has been holding you back from what you truly want and deserve?

Would you like to say goodbye to procrastination, unhappiness, a lack of
self-worth, all the reasons you have not achieved the level of success you are after?

Through the pain and struggle of Adam’s own journey he has developed a program that has not just changed his life but the lives of every person Adam has shared this process with.

In this day an age we need to remove ourselves from our old ways of thinking and doing things. If you are ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to learn exactly how you can live a life full of purpose, passion and fulfillment doing what you love most.  

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The Process Of Being Me Is Broken down in to
5 Key Elements...


Learn how to tap back into your imagination
to gain clarity on your highest values.


Understand the beliefs which have been holding you back & how to instantly create new beliefs.


Learn the key yet simple mindset shift that leads to massive changes in your performance and ability to achieve more.


Recognise exactly how to tap into the power of momentum without having to work harder or having to "motivate yourself".


Learn how to unleash your ability to set your sites on any end results you want with the confidence to know you will attain it and more.

Would you like help to tap into your true potential and remove exactly what has been holding you back?

The Process Of Being Me Is For You If...

  • You're ready to stop procrastinating 
  • You're ready to achieve what you have been thinking about for way too long
  • You're ready to unleash the very best version of yourself
  • You're ready to bring out the best results in any aspect of your life
  • You're ready to create a mindset that can achieve anything
  • You're ready to release yourself from the biggest limitations that have been holding you back
  • You're ready to stop settling and to really start living a life by your own design
  • You're willing to follow a step by step process designed to create lasting change and success

If you answered yes to any of the above, we would love to connect with you on a
FREE Breakthrough Call to learn more about
you and what you are looking to achieve.

Are You Ready To Accelerate The Process Of Being Me?

Our 12 week program has been designed to accelerate your transformation, create the changes you need to make and generate the level of success you are hungry for.

With the level of support, guidance and coaching you require most I guarantee this is the most effective process you have ever worked through and that it leaves you with a complete system for bringing to life anything you set your intentions on...

Below Is A Breakdown Of The Entire 12 Week Process

Discover how you can gain access to our 12 week program by clicking on the link below...

  • Week 1: Create your 90 day    
       game plan and vision
  • Week 2: Gain the awareness    around your current beliefs and    limitations
  • Week 3: Discover why mindset matters most and how to tap into the power of your sub-conscious
  • Week 4: How to create actions that guarantee you move forward, regardless of your beliefs or emotions
  • Week 5: Instantly learn how to stop procrastination and start achieving any result you want
  • Week 6: Enjoy a new found sense of clarity around what you truly want and why you deserve it
  • Week 7: Unlock your mind from thinking small and open up the possibilities for yourself and your life
  • Week 8: Create your optimism healthy routine to tap into an abundance of energy and a new level of performance
  • Week 9: How to become highly focused and highly effective when approaching any task
  • Week 10: Experience an new found sense of happiness, gratitude and fulfilment with this daily ritual
  • Week 11: Open up unforeseen opportunities with the power from setting your intentions in a specific way
  • Week 12: Apply the key elements of success from 'The Process Of Being Me' to any aspect of yourself you wish to change, excel or amplify!
What Are Others Saying?

Adam McKenzie is one of the most heart-centered entrepreneurs I know.

He lives his purpose every day, and that purpose is to be a light to those who are struggling with finding their way.

He asks the right questions, and formulates the right plan needed to get you out of your own way.

He is a true blessing to entrepreneurs and heart-centered individuals with a cause.

Brian Devlin Author, Fitness Launch Formula
Natalie McLennan Head of Campus, MGGS

After having two children and finding out I had some health challenges in my mid-thirties, I found myself in a rut.

These health challenges not only included an underactive thyroid and coeliac, but some physical challenges too. I was constantly suffering lower back pain. I met Adam after it was recommended that I see him for rehab exercises to strengthen my core, glutes, and legs in support of a healthier back.

After working with him for three months to achieve these goals, he posed me with the biggest challenge of my lose weight.I finally had someone confront my biggest problem...being overweight.

He promised he would support me, help me manage my food, and provide me with an exercise program that would see me initially lose about 13kg. Without Adam, I wouldn't be who I am today.

I have successfully made lifetime changes to my eating and exercise regime for a healthier and more active me.

I am now the leanest and strongest I have ever been. Thanks, Adam.

I met Adam McKenzie several years ago and immediately felt he had a certain je ne sais quoi about him.

He was engaging and I immediately felt that I was able to open up to him about my struggle to lose weight.

Adam was very supportive and understanding as he had experienced his own struggles with weight. He helped me believe in myself and take control of my life.

He pushed me to do things and gradually move out of my comfort zone. It was a changing point in my life.

Sharon White
Keyan Mianji Director, Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic.

I have known Adam McKenzie since 2006 now and have great admiration for his passion and ability to help others.

Adam started out as my fitness coach and then over time as our relationship developed, we started exchanging information about business and life. He very quickly became a close friend as we continued on our journeys to find success.

Adam's desire to succeed was infectious and we both worked extremely hard to achieve what we thought success was.

On our quest, we both have redefined the meaning of the word Success.

Get Your Copy Of "The Process Of Being Me" Right Now!