The Process Starts Right Here… By You Making The Decision To Read This Book And Go After The Life You Want.
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The Process Of Being Me.
The Process Of Being Me is not just another self-development book destined to become a paperweight on your desk.

This book is the “How To” that you have been looking for.

It is a complete breakdown of each of the key steps you need to take in order to create whatever changes in your life you desire most. 
What has been holding you back from achieving what you truly want and deserve.
To procrastination, unhappiness, a lack of self worth and all other reasons you have not achieved the level of success you want.
The most successful, most authentic and best version of yourself once and for all.
In This Book You Will Discover...
• How to tap back into your imagination to gain clarity on your highest values

• How to gain the awareness of what beliefs have been holding you back and how to instantly create new beliefs

• The key yet simple mindset shift that leads to massive changes in your performance and ability to achieve more

• Exactly how to tap into the power of momentum without having to work harder or having to “Motivate yourself!”

• How to unleash your ability to set your sites on any end result you want with the confidence to know you will attain it and more.
Grab My Book For Free
For immediate access to my best selling book, drop your email in the box below.
Brian Devlin, Author  Fitness Launch Formula
Adam McKenzie is one of the most heart-centered entrepreneurs I know.

He lives his purpose every day, and that purpose is to be a light to those who are struggling with finding their way.

He asks the right questions, and formulates the right plan needed to get you out of your own way.

He is a true blessing to entrepreneurs and heart-centered individuals with a cause.
Adam Prowse, Owner/CEO at Adam Prowse Personal Trainer
I have known Adam for years and found him to be a great positive influence on my life.

He has helped me in business as well as personally to develop myself further and achieve more.

Adam has taught me a lot about life and business and I appreciate everything he has done for me.

If you listen to what he has to say and apply things he tells you, it will pay off big time.
Keyan Mianji, Director of Victorian Laser & Skin Clinic; Author of If Life Was a Game
I have known Adam McKenzie since 2006 now and have great admiration for his passion and ability to help others.

Adam started out as my fitness coach and then over time as our relationship developed, we started exchanging information about business and life.

He very quickly became a close friend as we continued on our journeys to find success.

Adam's desire to succeed was infectious and we both worked extremely hard to achieve what we thought success was.

On our quest, we both have redefined the meaning of the word success and Adam in his zeal to share his knowledge with others has written his debut book to reveal all that he has learnt.

A must read for anyone looking to have it all in this modern age.
Josh Thornton, Creative Director at Josh Thornton Photography
Adam is in my personal history book as someone who's had a great impact on the direction of my life.

He has a 100% authentic approach to helping people and their businesses. When I decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship, his program more than delivered as promised.

I've never looked back since. He even took the time to Skype me to chat about my business goals.

THAT sort of dedication can't be beat.
Belinda Paul, Director Kiddie Create
Working with Adam over many, many years on various projects has allowed me to see the growth of such a dynamic individual into what you see today.

I trust solely in Adam's ability to advise the correct direction and assess each working situation accordingly to ensure a successful outcome.

In addition to this, he is a great role model for those around him and simply a fantastic person!

I feel lucky that I can call on Adam whenever I need a sounding board to set me straight.
Consuella Moore, Founder
C'Mo Total Body Performance
I was a mess. Depressed, unorganized, and full of big dreams with no real way of sharing them.

Through his life experiences and friendship, Adam dragged me out of my dark places and showed it is okay for me to shine.

He fights endlessly for me because he believes in me. Y

You can’t ask for a better mentor, a better motivator or a better friend than Adam “The Man” McKenzie.
Jess Taylor, Managing Partner FitPro Domination
Adam has completely transformed my life.

When Adam and I first met I was angry all the time, unhappy with who I was and in desperate need of something to help me change the course of my life, which was heading to a very dark place.

His processes and systems to create change have helped me to become a stronger, more confident woman and have helped take my life to a place full of joy and fulfilment every day.

Adam has a huge heart and is highly motivated to help thousands of people worldwide create and live the life of their own design and choice.

He has an amazing outlook on life and can help anyone in any situation become the best version of them self.
Natalie McLennan, Head of Campus Mentone Grammar School
After having two children and finding out I had some health challenges in my mid-thirties, I found myself in a rut.

These health challenges not only included an under-active thyroid and coeliac, but some physical challenges too. I was constantly suffering lower back pain.

I met Adam after it was recommended that I see him for rehab exercises to strengthen my core, glutes, and legs in support of a healthier back.

After working with him for three months to achieve these goals, he posed me with the biggest challenge of my lose weight. I finally had someone confront my biggest problem...being overweight.

He promised he would support me, help me manage my food, and provide me with an exercise program that would see me initially lose about 13kg.

Without Adam, I wouldn't be who I am today. I have successfully made lifetime changes to my eating and exercise regime for a healthier and more active me. I am now the leanest and strongest I have ever been.

Thanks, Adam. - All Rights Reserved
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